Raccoon removal

Do you have raccoons? Contact us today to get rid of your unwanted visitors.

Why do I have Raccoon?

Why do I have Raccoons?

People in urban areas have made the perfect ecosystem for raccoons, by providing ample food sources and shelter, this has helped make the raccoon population more successful. Raccoons feed on garbage, bird feeders, pet food, and agricultural crops. 

Raccoons are highly intelligent problem solvers, which helps them find safe and comfortable living spaces.  Depending on weather and temperature raccoons mating season starts mid to late January through the end of March. Female raccoons get busy finding their nesting areas in attics, crawl spaces, garages, sheds, and almost any outbuilding. Once finding a suitable nesting location females can have up to seven young approximately 65 days after mating.

Raccoon Damage

Female raccoons and young become very vocal. The young have a high pitch chatter to squeak, sometimes purring noise. People often mistake them for birds chirping.
Mother raccoons can become vocal also by growling and snarling, at their young.  They are also known for chewing, digging, and scratching. They can be quite loud.
Once raccoons have made your home their residence, they can be very destructive. Digging and chewing holes in roofs and roof vents, damaging soffit/fascia, chewing electrical, destroying insulation, and leaving large amounts of feces and urine (which can be a major health risk.)

How do I get rid of them?

We begin with a thorough inspection. Inspecting all exterior roof lines, soffit/fascia, roof vents, valleys, flashing, chimneys, crawl space vents, crawl spaces, and attics.
Once the inspection is complete, we will provide a professional,  humane quote for the  exclusion and prevention of re-entry.

Exclusion of raccoons can be a tricky and timely process as they are problem-solving,  intelligent animals. As professionals, we have the experience and specialized equipment to help make the process as stress-free, timely, humane, and efficient as possible.
Once we have removed the raccoons we will provide a detailed quote on damage repair and clean-out if necessary.