Bat Removal

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Why do I have bats?

Little brown bats and big brown bats are the two most common bats that invade structures in Ontario. Bats often infest a home by entering through holes and cracks around the soffit, fascia, roof flashing and vents.

Any holes 1/4 of an inch and up can be a potential entry points for bats. Once in, bats will roost in attics, wall voids, chimneys, leaving droppings and urine which creates molds, destroying insulation and drywall. This becomes a health risk, and is both physically and emotionally draining. Bats are also known carriers of rabies, ticks and mites.

What can we do?

We recommend an extensive inspection to attic areas and possible exterior points of entry, these areas usually show signs of bats (grease marks and droppings).

Brown Bat
Bat in tree

Bat Proofing

We recommend a bat exclusion program. All holes1/4 inch and up will be sealed with a high quality sealant.

In some cases damaged soffit, fascia and siding must be repaired or replaced. By finding the main exit holes (primary holes) a one way exclusion funnel will be placed to exclude bats from the structure. The one way exclusion funnel will be removed 1 to 2 weeks later.

We effectively and humanely remove and prevent bats from returning.

We also offer

  • Removal of bat droppings and contaminated insulation (clean out)

  • Sanitizing and deodorizing your attic area¬†

  • Detailed quotes

  • Warranties